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Moxa Heat pack

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Moxa Heat pack

10 Packs per box

  • Warmly heated pack can be applied anywhere and anytime without additional power supply
  • Can be used for maintaining warmth at each bodily part as demanded
  • Can be used for more than 12 hours at temperature of 122ºF-158ºF


  • Mugwort (moxa)
  • Iron
  • Cellulose
  • Activated charcoal power and moisture

How to Use

  • Tear along the dotted line and pull out the moxa heat pack
  • Shake the pack lightly for 5 to 10 seconds and squeeze the pack with your hands until the pack start to heat up
  • Apply the heated pack to pain area
  • Heat will last for more than 12 hours

Maxiumum Temperature: 158ºF
Average Temperature: 140ºF
Heat sustained duration: 12 hours

10 packs per box

    Moxa or moxa device should always be administered and used under direction or supervision of a qualified practitioner. Burning Moxa could become very hot. Users must explain this to patients before use. If used incorrectly, redness or a heat blister may appear after application. Do not use moxa on the face, soft skin, or other sensitive body areas. The purchaser accepts full responsibility for the safe and proper use.
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