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Zhao Xi-wu Experience in Pattern Differentiation
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Zhao Xi-wu Experience in Pattern Differentiation
By: Deng Zhao-zi
Pages: 392 pages
Book Type: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-7-117-09485-6/R·9486
Year Published: 2008


The Masters of Chinese Medicine Series is a long awaited collection of translated medical texts for serious TCM students and practitioners alike. This valuable collection of detailed analyses of the clinical experiences of China’s most distinguished TCM masters is presented in a clear, complete and detailed text, describing complex clinical cases and treatment methods for various stubborn and chronic diseases.

Dr. Zhao is a well-renown Chinese medicine expert in China. He has over 50 years of clinical experience in treating obstinate disease. This book provides the explanations of the pathogenesis of diseases based on the Yellow Emperor’s Inner Classic and other classical texts, demonstrating a unique clinical approach.  


About the Author:


Deng Zhao-zi


Zhao Xi-wu (1902-1980), professor and well-known TCM expert, began studying TCM when he was 15. His expertise was treating various diseases of internal medicine, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, kidney disease and infantile apoplexy. He was the director of the Internal Medicine Department at Xiyuan Hospital (affiliated hospital of the China Academy of TCM), the vice president of the China Academy of TCM, and the vice director of the China Association of TCM.

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