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Scalp Acupuncture Wall Chart(English-Chinese)实用头针穴线挂图(英汉对照)
Code : BK-0072
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Scalp Acupuncture Wall Chart(English-Chinese)实用头针穴线挂图(英汉对照)
By: Jin Shi ying 靳士英 & Jin Wan cheng 金完成
Pages: 3 pages
Book Type: Wall Chart
ISBN: 978-7-117-07981-5
Year Published: 2006


Scalp Acupuncture Wall Chart(English-Chinese)


This three page scalp acupuncture chart includes eighteen full color illustrations and depicts locations of both the Chinese national standard scalp lines as well as Dr. Jiao Shun-fa's scalp lines. Illustrations include scalp lines overlaid on scalp surface anatomy and over corresponding motor and sensory regions of the brain. Additional images display regional brain anatomy. Major arteries, nerves, correct and incorrect angle of needle insertion, and anatomical layers of the scalp are also shown.Ideal for clinical reference or student study guide.



English, alphanumeric codes, and traditional Chinese characters.



Professor Jin Shi-ying is chief physician at the department of traditional Chinese medicine at the Southern Medical University. He has 50 years of clinical experience and is presently the executive director of the China Association of Chinese Medicine and the professional head of the Integration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Biomedicine Committee. He focuses his career on the integration of traditional Chinese medicine and biomedicine, and performs research in acupuncture, TCM diagnostics, herbal medicine, and medical history.

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